Who is alex shelley dating 2016

La Sombra 9/18 Mexico City 215, Kazuchika Okada vs.

Styles 8/14 Tokyo (11) 229 HONORABLE MENTION: Atlantis vs.

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Rush 127 HONORABLE MENTION: Daniel Cormier 120, Dario Cueto 117, Dean Ambrose 95, Gedo 84, Ethan Carter III 82, Drew Galloway 80, Sami Zayn 80 MOST CHARISMATIC 1. Tomoaki Honma 11/7 Osaka 80 MMA MATCH OF THE YEAR 1. Roman Reigns 3/29 Santa Clara 115, Tomohiro Ishii vs. Melissa George stars in the one-season-and-done medical drama as heart-transplant surgeon Alex Panttiere, who bucks convention on the job at St. On the personal front, she deals with a gay ex-husband, a boyfriend and a former flame who's just re-entered her life—and workplace. She also performs surgery on the anniversary of her sister's death; fights to save the life of a transgender woman with breast cancer; and struggles to save a patient's life while the hospital is in lockdown mode.

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