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Vishishtadvaita and Samkhya say, that Enlightenment (God) and a good wordly life is desirable. May the world be happy." 2nd Television = What man/woman on television today touches you in a negative or positive way? Think the sentence as a mantra until you have overcome all attachment or rejection. Oracle = Stay with perseverance on your path of wisdom. Evelyn did not search for this happiness within herself. Sometime in the early afternoon my neighbor got up and came to help with his chainsaw. With mild derision, I noticed that my neighbor's chainsaw was smaller than mine. The mighty tree quickly became a miserable piece of firewood. Even disasters can be cleverly used to enrich the spiritual life. We have no claim to a long life, and also may not to be spared from disasters. He decided to reduce his meat consumption, perhaps. The next day the weather was kind enough to be dry. We have to work for a happy world and our own happiness. Clean the energy connection, visualize him/her as a Buddha/Goddess. To aggressive people you can send wisdom and inner peace. Everything you see outside makes a knot in your soul. The first step to happiness is a positive world in your mind. Those who cannot find happiness within themselves, need a partner to fill this void. Of course, the debate aroused his appetite and we stopped at Mc Donalds. He showed me the Drive In and operated perfectly with all the announcements. After getting up I began immediately with the roofing. Then I layed the roof panels and bonded it with tar. Luckily I was dressed with old stuff, that was okay to get dirty. After almost ten years without a girlfriend, I do not really know how women look any more.

We need to overcome this faulty philosophy of superficial happiness. Evelyn got her ideas about the perfect relationship from Hollywood. Most actors , who live in the world of film, have unhappy relationships and split up constantly. The best relationships are to be had by those who care for the relationships with spirituality. The optimal pressure distribution prevented the distruction of my house. Only the roofing felt (corrugated roofing sheets) was torn to shreds by the fir branches. Instead of exercising positive thinking, Evelyn concentrated on Nils’ personality flaws. My body was burning so much, that I hardly needed a blanket, although it was winter. Since that time I am in a constant process of purification and growth. Patanjali systematized the conceptions of Yoga and set them forth on the background of the metaphysics of Samkhya. Everybody on the yoga path will be filled with bliss, if he or she goes with the power of love. Many yogi perform the sun salutation and by this get into a life in the light. Move a hand in blessing and think, "I send light to...(name). It causes attachment, aggression, fear and lack of wisdom. I was always somehow mentally in my former apartment in the city. This often happens in situations of suffering, if you don´t repress the emotions. In the morning I felt I had arrived in my current life. After a half a year, they had sex for the first time, then again and again and more and more often. A particularly lovely sentence from Evelyn read, “Life is like a strong current. Many do this alone, and others have someone they can hold onto. They recognized that they had come to a turning point and that something needed to be done. Many couples first wake up to the reality of their situation when they first fully recognize the negativity that has risen between them. Therefore I trudged in a rain jacket and sturdy boots through the dark night to the neighbor. The night was a little uncomfortable because of the wet blanket and the noisy raindrops falling into the bucket. Would we be able to remove the fifteen-meter fir from my roof? But we already have two saws, mine large and my neighbor's little. That was too long for me to wait with those holes in the roof. My neighbor was just about to get drunk again with a friend. All events have always a positive side, as I found out right away. But my neighbor forgave me and invited me to drink the rest of the day with them. Samkhya is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy and classical Indian philosophy. The yoga of love is a way to connect yoga exercises with the energy of love. You can pray to God, to Jesus, to Buddha or to an enlightened Master, however you want. Inner happiness, not outer pleasure, is the center of life. Before that I was a lawyer, had a family, many friends and stayed in the city center. I made a great change, gave up my law career and went into my little house in the woods. The separation from my wife was the hardest decision of my life. The repressed pain appears and can then be released. That is a wonderful gift.” In their first year together, Evelyn and Nils were very much in love. It is often too late, by then, to do anything about it. The house of the neighbor was behind the fir trees about five hundred meters from my house near a river. But the next day the storm had passed, the rain no longer drops into the water bucket and outside it was bright. I got dressed, breakfasted comfortably and then climbed with a ladder onto the roof. As it could start to rain again at any moment, we drove off immediately to a construction market. The store manager was very enterprising and told us, that half an hour's drive away lies a further construction market. But since it was only noon, he was still approachable. Meanwhile a third friend had come and brought a crate of beer.

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