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You do have to figure out which one you think it is before we can fix this problem.Let’s assume that you believe that guys are intimidated by you due to your attitude.If there is a guy that has noticed and wants nothing more but to talk to you but every time he looks your way, you are either frowning, keeping your head down or seemingly “too busy,” he may interpret that as intimidation. When you head out for your day, try to allow yourself to be one with your environment.If you notice that a guy is looking at you, make eye contact with him, smile briefly and continue on your way.Perhaps you believe that you are too brazen or standoffish.Ask yourself about what you tend to do when guys are around.

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You interject from time to time with follow up questions but you still let him continue expressing himself.

Now, if you feel that you are intimidating to guys due to your physicality, you can work on that too. You don’t have to become the most lean model in the world. Simply start working on changing your body and you will begin to change your mind.

Once you start feeling the positive effects that your daily exercise routines are having on you, you will start loving yourself more. They will sense this and they will want to be around someone who is so positive and glowing.

Perhaps you are constantly staring at your phone and only looking up from time to time with a scowl on your face.

Some guys would certainly see this as intimidating.

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