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Considering none of them expected her to come back at all, they decided to gang up on her and harass her until she was crying in a bathroom and Ben came to her defense like a brave knight in shining armor. From kissing Ben without his consent immediately upon meeting him to being a big proponent of constant eye contact, Lace had the makings of a fan-favorite crazy person. For example, the time Ben told the girls that some of his family's friends had died in a plane crash, and he was looking for a comforting shoulder -- so Olivia decided to steal him away and cry about people making fun of her for having "cankles." Classy.But there may not be any purer moment of bizarre, surreal hilarity than when Olivia popped out of a cake in Las Vegas, performed the world's most awkward sexy dance, than had a full-blown panic attack/meltdown.Women still talk about the 1989 show, "Alaskan Men." Oprah and her staff loaded up a plane with handsome, single Alaskan men—all looking for wives.And when they arrived at the airport in Chicago, it was as if the Beatles had landed! invited Oprah to join her on stage for a taste of rock-stardom."And there were people who had syndicated his show who were interested in talking to me about it."Less than two years after Oprah debuted on A. "I keep wondering how my life will change, if it will change, and what all this means. " "Maybe going national was to help me realize that I have important work," Oprah writes. And I vacillate between letting this be the most spectacular moment ever and getting goose bumps tomorrow or trying to treat it like an ordinary show.

Only 19 at the time, Oprah got her television start covering local news in Nashville.It's hard to overstate just how insane the first episode of the season really was, but nothing beat the oral examination Ben received from Mandi -- who had shown up to the mansion with a giant red rose strapped to her head -- after she stole him away right as he was about to address the group of girls that had assembled in the living room.That is, until she found out she'd have to ride in a helicopter, despite being flat-out terrified of heights.She then moved on to Baltimore to become an anchorwoman for the evening news.From the beginning, Oprah says she preferred telling people's stories to reporting straight-up news.

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