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Basel, 25 January 2003 - Having received FDA approval, Novartis Consumer Health announced today that it has launched branded and generic over-the-counter versions of loratadine 10-mg.tablets, the generic equivalent of Claritin, a leading non-sedating antihistamine.During controlled clinical studies with the recommended dosage, the incidence of adverse effects was comparable to that of placebo, with the exception of insomnia and dry mouth, both of which were commonly reported.

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Fexofenadine hydrochloride should be administered with care in these special groups.

The foregoing release contains forward-looking statements that can be identified by terminology such as "will", "may", "expect" or similar expressions, or by express or implied discussions regarding the issues resulting from the switch of loratadine from Rx to OTC, the cost of loratadine to the patient, Geneva's behind the pharmacy counter marketing approach, or potential revenues from this product.

Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results, including actual sales of loratadine to be materially different from any future results or performance expressed or implied by such statements.

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Novartis Group companies employ about 72 900 people and operate in over 140 countries around the world.

For further information please consult The information in the press releases on these pages was factually accurate on the date of publication.

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