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Evan Lysacek had a stellar competitive figure-skating career, capping it with a 2010 Winter Olympics gold-medal-winning performance in men's singles. I'm usually up at this hour because I commute from Manhattan to Connecticut. and training there, but I do have a condo downtown so I try to get to [the area] as much as possible, and my parents live there.

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WCT: As many top-level athletes have done, you've gone through a series of physical hurdles. Evan Lyscacek: Well, I don't really skate a lot anymore.

WCT: I do believe that's one of the biggest misconceptions about the sport.

Skaters look light as a feather out there and, to some, it doesn't look brutal at all. Evan Lyscacek: Yeah; skating is intense and very difficult.

an interview to " data-reactid="30"The only time White and Belbin have both spoken publicly about their love life was in 2010, when they were promoting a touring ice show and gave an interview to As of Tuesday morning Sochi time, she had not tweeted anything about her boyfriend's gold medal.

She did, however, post a picture of herself and her friend – U. figure skater Jeremy Abbott – skating together on a trip to the mountains near Sochi with an image of Davis and White on a giant screen behind.

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